Academic Verification Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check if I’ve already been verified?

  1. Log into your store account.
  2. Under MY ACCOUNT, you will see Customer Group:
  3. All academically verified accounts will see “Academic” in the name.

TIP: Alternatively, if you would like to see if you are already verified, you can compare the prices that you see in Academic Pricing with our Academic Price List and determine whether or not they match.

How long is my Academic Verification Valid?

Academic Verification validity is determined by your identified classification.

Do I need to complete the Academic Verification process in order to see Academic Pricing?

No, we have provided the price list for download.

Can I let someone else use my verified Academic Account?

We highly discourage this activity. Many of our partnership agreements were designed to provide discounts to individuals, since each individual has their own academic needs and paths. We periodically monitor the purchasing activity on each account-type and may contact the account or even revoke discount status for abuses.

If you think your order may raise suspicions, or if you wish to make large orders using academic verification, we suggest that you contact our sales team either through the notes fields of your order or the messages in your account page.

What do you do with my information?

You can take a look at our terms page for the in-depth legal information.

We use the Academic Verification information to target services, products, and options for the academic sector. If you have any concerns, we suggest you beginning a conversation with us on our Academic Forums.

I am not a student, educator or researcher…

Although most of our academic customers fall into the other three categories, we understand that there may be exceptions. Please select, “OTHER” and provide a detailed explanation of who you are and why you need to be approved for verification.

I need to write a grant proposal, how long are the Academic Prices available?

Digilent works with key technology partners to provide additional discounts to our academic customers. However, these prices are negotiated on a yearly basis. We suggest when writing grant proposals to use our non-academic prices or to obtain a formal quote through our sales team by emailing

Do I qualify for academic pricing?

In order to qualify for academic pricing, you must be a current student, instructor, professor, or researcher at an academic institution, and you must use the product for academic purposes.

How do I sign up for academic pricing?

In order to get academic pricing, you must first create a store account on Digilent's website. Once you create an account, you need to submit your academic credentials by following the process on . During the verification process, you must use the email that you used to create your store account on Digilent's website. After you have completed the verification process, you will receive an email within 2 business days regarding confirmation of your status.

Can I buy more than one unit at the academic prices?

We currently limit the purchase of academic products to one unit per verified student account. Verified Institutions and instructor accounts are allowed to order multiples.